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Desirae Penton-Crosley

Desirae Penton is a passionate yogi, and the founder of Dragon Yoga, a yoga studio servicing Oklahoma City. She is dedicated to sharing the transformative power of yoga with others around the world. Her own yoga journey began in 1997 when a series of sports injuries and a shoulder surgery abruptly interrupted her career as a young athlete. Initially, turning to yoga as a means of injury prevention, Desirae quickly discovered its profound impact on her mental, physical, and spiritual well-being- leading her on a lifelong path of self-awareness.

Desirae specializes in alignment-based yoga, providing guidance to students in discovering their ideal alignment and pushing their boundaries for personal growth. With a teaching experience spanning over 15 years, she has devoted more than 2,500 hours to her own training, honing her knowledge and expertise as an instructor. Through retreats, teaching certification classes, studio sessions, and events, Desirae has dedicated over 10,000 hours to serving her yoga community, sharing her expertise and passion for the practice.

Desirae's commitment to spreading the love of yoga extends beyond studio work, though. She loves to blend a mix of adventure with wellness and has hosted numerous yoga retreats throughout Costa Rica, Mexico, Colorado, Panama & New Mexico.

Desirae has always strived for diverse teaching experiences, and been committed to continuous learning. During her tenure at Dragon Yoga she facilitated a wide range of yoga classes and events. Additionally, she has dedicated numerous weekends lead full spectrum workshops ranging from beginner to advanced levels, and including 200 & 300 yoga teacher trainings.

Her dedication in the yoga community waves far beyond education though. She has been recognized and honored by the Oklahoma Bar Association, which awarded her the prestigious Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher Diversity Award for playing a pivotal role in creating a welcoming and inclusive space for practitioners of all backgrounds.

Through her teachings, she has empowered others to cultivate strength, balance, and mindfulness and has recently made the move to carry out this goal at a beautiful resort in Monteverde, Costa Rica. She hopes to expand the yoga community in Monteverde while focusing her passion on organizing retreats and teacher trainings.

For more information on how to book at a yoga excursion with Desirae in the mountains of Monteverde, Costa Rica  

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